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Trust In Sustainable Seafood
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Sustainable seafood starts with a choice. The simple choice to dine in an Outer Banks restaurant that follows sustainable practices, can make an ocean of difference. While the seafood you eat is a renewable resource, it can be overused to extinction. Without sound practices that protect the habitat, we can deplete the oceans. This could leave your dinner plate in Kill Devil Hills with lower quality foreign fish, or no seafood at all.

A Simple Action To Support Sustainable Seafood

There are a lot of different things you can do to help the oceans. Sustainable seafood involves a number of different things you can do at home, at the store, restaurants, and beyond. But a simple thing you can do is commit to eat sustainable seafood at local restaurants in Kill Devil Hills

And Sustainable Seafood Does More Than Just Save Our Waterways And Oceans

One of the advantages is you are committing to eating the freshest, healthiest, fish, clams, oysters, shrimp, and scallops available. This means local seafood harvested in the waterways contiguous to Old Town Alexandria and beyond.

Awful Arthurs Restaurant In Kill Devil Hills Is Committed To This Principle

We know where every piece of seafood comes from. The guarantee behind this promise is simple. We only source the freshest local seafood sourced from the Atlantic coast and Pamlico sound. Our vendors harvest clams, oysters, and fish from local fishing areas like the lower Chesapeake Bay, Lynnhaven Inlet, Hungars Creek, and the Atlantic Ocean.

So Take No Chances And Enjoy Sustainable Wild Seafood At Awful Arthurs In Kill Devil Hills

In addition to sustainable seafood, we promise good eats and good food. Come visit us today!


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