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The Stories Behind Our Signature Dishes at Awful Arthur’s
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Here in the Outer Banks, Awful Arthur’s has been serving up the freshest local seafood since 1946. Over the decades, we’ve developed some iconic dishes that keep our guests coming back year after year. In this blog, we’re pulling back the curtain to share the history and prep secrets behind a few of our classics.

The Origins of Arthur’s Famous Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes

Our jumbo lump crab cakes are stuffed with sweet, succulent meat hand-picked from regional blue crab. Arthur first dreamed up his signature recipe in the 1950s. In the early days, locals caught fresh crab just off the beach to supply the restaurant! Arthur’s key to supreme lump cakes is gently folding the crab with minimal filler so the meat itself shines through. A quick skillet sear in clarified butter gives that beautiful crispy edge. Enjoy this simple yet luxurious cake with just a squeeze of lemon as the star of your meal.

How We Smoke Our North Carolina Outer Banks Salmon

Salmon is not a fish commonly caught along the Outer Banks, so Arthur wanted to create a unique salmon dish you can only get at Awful Arthur’s. He uses fresh Norwegian salmon seasoned simply with salt and sugar. It then spends hours smoking low and slow over local hickory wood. The result is salmon with a kiss of smoke flavor and a wonderfully moist texture. Thin slices served over our house slaw is a customer favorite.

Our Secret to Fried Oysters with a Perfect Crunch

From oyster roasts to fried baskets, we serve oysters galore at Awful Arthur’s. Our fried oysters stand out from the rest thanks to our secret step of double-dredging. After coating the juicy oysters in seasoned flour, we dip them back into buttermilk before a second roll in our signature breading for extra crispy edges. Fried up in peanut oil and topped with a tangy cocktail sauce, they disappear fast!

Next time you’re in the Outer Banks, stop by to taste the stories behind these iconic Awful Arthur’s dishes and more. The flavors of this beach home cooking tradition never disappoint!


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