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Why Locally Sourced Seafood Matters
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We have the freshest seafood we can find.

Our restaurant has the freshest locally sourced seafood. The freshest local seafood is always on the menu. Local seafood is always fresh.

We are using local fish, which means that it comes to us straight from the sea, right here in our kitchen! We don’t import our seafood. We use local fishermen who know their way around the water and understand how to catch fish that live in these waters, not contaminates. And we use them only when they are caught during a specific season and at a specific time of year.

To make sure that your food is truly local, we want you to know exactly where your food comes from and what’s going on with your species of fish. Our restaurant has been carefully inspected by qualified authorities to ensure that you know where your food comes from and what’s actually happening with your species of fish before you eat it!

The seafood industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. We know this because we have seen the statistics. The thing is, it’s easy to forget when you’re out of town that some of the top seafood places in the country are located here in the Outer Banks.

Our restaurant is based on freshness. Freshness isn’t just about how food tastes. Freshness also has to do with how it looks and touches your senses. And while freshness can’t be quantified, our chefs and cooks are able to find a way to make every piece of seafood feel like it just left the boat.

And yes, we do use quality ingredients from local fishermen, but the freshest fish is still only as fresh as you make it yourself!


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