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How Do You Like Your Burger Cooked?
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The ultimate goal when cooking an all beef burger patty is to create a perfectly cooked Burger that is juicy and packed with flavor. Once you choose which Burger blend you want to try you have to then decide how you like it cooked. There are generally three types of doneness for Burgers based on food safety and taste: medium rare, medium, and well done. Let’s look into what kind of Burger each level of doneness yields.


Medium Rare

Internal Temperature: 130-135F

Cook Time: estimated 5 mins per side

This Burger should have a some char on the outside with a very juicy and warm, red center. There are some that are wary with this Burger temperature as it is not cooked all the way through and we suggest reading through Food Safety articles to determine if this doneness is right for you.



Internal Temperature: 140˚ – 145˚F

Cook Time: estimated 6 minutes per side

A Burger cooked to medium will have a rosy pink center and brown outside with some charring. This is a popular way to cook a Burger because it is still very juicy and not overdone. It also helps ease diners concerns about food safety. 


Well Done

Internal Temperature: 160˚+

Cook Time: estimated 8-9 minutes per side

This Burger will have a browned outside and inside with no pink at all. While most believe that this temperature will yield a very dry Burger, with the right beef blend, you might be surprised. The very popular smash Burger is always cooked well done and it definitely does not lack juiciness or flavor.

Whichever way you like your Burger cooked – it all starts with the quality of beef you choose. You can bet on Awful Arthurs to not only cook your burger to perfection, but you can be sure we’re using high quality ingredients. Our 80/20 burger patty blend is a knockout once it comes off the grill. Try out our Lobster BLT Burger today!


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